Welcome to 2020; Our Year of Fruitful Harvest.

There is no year as promising and divinely preloaded as 2020; not only in the cosmos level but also in the supernatural atmosphere; it is like reannounced ancient prophesies about future glory prepared for the saint of God. I am so excited about what God has promised to do and for some of us what He already started in this New Year. It is with great pleasure I welcome you to “Our Year of Fruitful Harvest (Psalm 107:37-38)”. Welcome to a new season for a new thing with pleasant surprises (Isaiah 43:19). For all your years of sowing, it is now your season of reaping, in gathering and returning with songs of joy (Psalm 126:5-6). No more fruitless effort, no more barrenness, no more discouragement, it is your season of celebration,
restoration and fruitful harvest.

To start a fruitful harvest, therefore, implies previous efforts have not yielded commensurate results and that you will begin to manifest the abundance of heaven. As you delight in the Lord’s instruction and meditate on His Word constantly, God says “you will be like a tree planted by the streams of water, that produces its fruit in season” (Psalm 1: 3) No wonder God gave us these prophecies at the beginning of this year;

  1. God says, ‘there will be a shaking that brings significant changes in your life and things around you’.
  2. God says, ‘to those who stay with Him and are loyal to Him’, He shall reward with visible blessings.
  3. God says, ‘It is not enough to know Him but walk with Him’.
  4. God says, ‘do not ask me for small things; I am more than you know’.
  5. God says ‘I will be your rear guard’ in 2020.
  6. My father says, ‘fruitfulness is a product of sowing; what you sow He will multiply’.

Welcome to your Year of Fruitful Harvest