About Us

Vineyard Chapel is  a member of Evangelical Alliance and one of the Parishes of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God  (popularly known as RCCG).

Our History

Vineyard Chapel a member of Evangelical Alliance is one of the Parishes of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God ( Popularily known as RCCG). Rccg is a worldwide Church organisation established in Nigeria West Africa since 1952 with a mandate to take the Gospel of Salvation to the entire world in line with The great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Vineyard Chapel is led by Pastor Femi David and his wife Dr Gifty David who were commissioned by God under the leadership of Zonal Pastor, Pastor Edwin, Zonal Pastor, RCCG Garden of The Lord, Cardiff in December 2010 to start a new parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Newport, South wales.

The church started on the 5th December 2010 as a house fellowship evening service at university of Wales, Newport (Caerleon Campus) with four students in attendance. The first Sunday morning service commenced on the 9th January, 2011 at Belle Vue Park Pavilion and Conservatory with 14 adults and 2 children in attendance.

The church has moved through circles of venues as part of wilderness experiences; from Belle Vue Park to St. Wools Hospital Church Hall then moved to Newport Pantomime Hall before relocation to St Matins-in-the-Gaer. Vineyard Chapel has now moved to her permanent church hall on the 29th December, 2013. To God be the glory.

OUR Vision.

◾To involve in social action activities within our community that will influence many to know, belief and serve God through Jesus Christ
◾To make the church an integration of multi-racial and multicultural group with strong faith in God and Knowledge of His Word
◾To engage in Co-production with other Christian organisations, Churches, charity and non-charity groups primarily to signpost people to Jesus Christ
◾To accomplish the first vision statement, we will build multipurpose church hall and community friendly social centre that will provide social care and support services for the needy, less privileged and vulnerable children and adults.
◾To accomplish the second vision statement, we will establish more house fellowship and parishes in every part of Newport, Gwent and other parts of WALES and England where God’s Word shall be taught with Grace and Power.

mission statement

1. We are a Royal ambassador for Jesus in Newport and its environment, therefore our life is a model to represent God’s image in word, thought, action and deed.
2. Connecting to other Christian groups and building a positive relationship with our community so Jesus Christ may be glorified.
3. To be a shining Light in our community so as to influence many for Jesus Christ.

our values

1. We are ambassador for Christ in deed and in Word
2. Develop continuous positive relationship with God through bible study, prayer, praise and fellowship with one another.
3. We are to influence our community for Jesus Christ through coproduction, relationship, evangelism and sacrificial giving
4. Obey God and leave the consequences to Him
5. Our church must have evangelistic impacts on our community
6. Give our best to God and serve others and our community with our resources
7. Love one another