The Vineyard Chapel Choir (One team, one vision).

Team Mission:
◾Worship leadership which requires high level of commitment from one another.
◾To serve God with a sense of gratitude for what he has given us.
◾Expand our musical repertoire to include additional styles, genres, and cultures.
◾Develop the musical quality and vocal skills of each of our choristers through retreats, workshops, and other avenues.
◾Implement technological innovation in all operations of the organization, employing the use of the Internet, e-mail communication, and other technologies to maximum effect in outreach and the marketing of our performances, communication with our donors, and in the recruitment and retention of participants and volunteers.

Team Beliefs:

  • The music we sing as an expression of our faith is a gift from and an offering to the almighty God.
  • We are called to express God’s love and grace through our singing.
  • We are equals, we all have special gifts and these gifts are from God.
  • Our ministration is a covenant in fellowship with one another that we will diligently do out parts as important members of this worship team.

Team Values:

◾A high standard of musical excellence
◾Support, Camaraderie and unity with each other, the church and our community.
◾A high level of individual and group commitment