The Ushering Ministry​

The Ushering Ministry

The Ushering Ministry is comprised of Ushers; these also include Greeters and Sanctuary Keepers. These are very important officers of the church who serve as orderlies and caretakers of the Church and all its treasures. An Usher is defined in the Church by function, for example: servant, minister, assistant, aide, doorkeeper and gatekeeper.

Greeters are those who welcome members and guests to the church, greeting them happily with a cheerful attitude that reflects the joy and peace of God. Sanctuary Keepers are the custodians of the house of God, they keep the church and its surrounding clean, beautiful and worthy of our Great God.

The Ushers Department is committed to serving the body of Christ by maintaining an environment that is conducive for people to worship God in spirit and in truth. We maintain the orderliness of the church building and perform the support functions that allow other departments to run smoothly.

Being in the Ushering department of RCCG Vineyard Chapel is a big responsibility, as they are the first point of contact for the congregation, or members of the community visiting the church. Therefore it is highly important for members to first of all be mature Christians who have developed their spiritual lives, be approachable, punctual and committed to their role within the church.

The word Usher does not appear in the bible but the following roles in the scriptures define the positions occupied by Ushers in the Body of Christ:

  • Doorkeepers – Psalms 84:10
  • Perform duties for the pastor and the congregation, take care of all the furnishings of the church and any associated work necessary to maintain the sanctuary in good condition, such as cleaning and beautification – Numbers 3:5-10
  • Gatekeeper – I Chronicles 9:17-27
  • Christians full of faith and the Holy Spirit maintaining fairness and orderliness in the Church – Acts 6:1-7


To promote the salvation of souls by providing a helping hand to the pastor and the congregation; ensuring a clean and beautiful worship environment; orderly service; and joyous welcome into the house of God.


Evangelizing through service. If you want to serve and help others worship and serve God more effectively , you are invited to come join us. Be blessed in Jesus Name.

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    Contact: Ifeoluwa Ekhator
    Phone: 01633253932