Vineyard Chapel Men’s Fellowship

Vineyard Chapel Men’s Fellowship is a department within the church consisting of all married and unmarried men. The Department is aimed at fostering the relationship between the men of the church with a view to contributing to the growth of the church through various means available to us.

We also use the opportunity to network and discuss other issues as may concern or of priority to any of its members.
The Men’s fellowship provides a forum for members to examine a huge range of issues that cannot be discussed during the church services for obvious reasons.

Our Mission is consistent with the Bible and our Vision is centered around the shared vision of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in general and is to build strong men of faith, who know their Lord and take their rightful places within their families, the church, worthy priests in their individual homes.

We seek to raise men of impeccable character at home, place of work and in the community at large

Purpose / Goal

◾For men to be personally acquainted with one another.
◾For men to be Christian influences in our homes, church and communities.This is with a view to assuming the leadership responsibilities as given andrequired by God of us.


We encourage all men to join us as we are small enough to contain you and not big enough to not know you intimately. God bless you as we look forward to you joining us in expanding His Kingdom.

Min. Samuel Afolabi

Phone: 01633253932