elders' ministry

The Elders’ fellowship in Vineyard chapel provides forum for association of believers from age 45 and above. Our elders are heaven-bound elders, fully committed to finishing well. Some of whom are ministers and workers in the Lord’s vineyard.

The Elders fellowship are not to be viewed as more of old age but a nomenclature to graduate Believers for ease of administration and guide responsibilities. As such Elders should not be viewed as incapability and dependency.

Being and elder is a high calling recognized by God, where elders have always played a significant role amongst Gods children, from the times of the Old Testament till this present day.

God has given this fine group, the wisdom of the ancient. Empowered and equipped with wisdom, the words spoken through this group reach out and strengthen every life they meet.

For more information about the Elders Ministry and their meeting times please send an email: info@rccgvineyardchapel.org.uk.